Lyon (France), October 17-18, 2019


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Between France and Brazil, there is a long tradition of scientific cooperation, particularly in mathematics. The Institut Camille Jordan has hosted several Franco-Brazilian events. In October 2019, a mathematical meeting around fluid mechanics and PDEs will take place as part of the project PICS-CNRS "SINGLIF" (2019-2021). The purpose is to bring together recognized experts and young researchers working in this field, from Brazil and France.

Organization : L. Brandolese, V. Busuioc, D. Iftimie



Thursday  October 17, 2019 (Room 112, floor 1)

14h00-14h10. Venue (Salle de rencontres, no. 110 first floor)

14h10-15h00. Helena J. Nussenzveig Lopes (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

15h00-15h50. Takéo Takahashi (INRIA Nancy)

15h50-16h10. Coffee break

16h10-17h00. Christophe Prange (CNRS Bordeaux)

17h00-17h50. Leonardo Kosloff (Université Lyon 1 and UNICAMP)


Friday October 18, 2019 (Room Fokko du Cloux, floor 1)

9h00-9h50. David Gérard-Varet (Université Paris 7)

9h50-10h40. Anne Bronzi (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)

10h40-11h00. Coffee break

11h00-11h50. Diego Chamorro (Université d'Evry)

11h50-12h40. Christophe Lacave (Université de Grenoble)




The conference is open to any interested participants. Due to budget limitations,  we will provide financial support only to the invited speakers.

Registration is free but mandatory. 

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